Saturday, 10 September 2011

Sally Hansen–Salon Effects

I was in New York last week and picked these up in Walgreens. They were around $9 I think and I haven’t yet seen these on sale anywhere in the UK so thought I’d pick some up. They had some awesome designs but a lot were sold out so I ended up going with these.

I applied them before our flight home at JFK and found them VERY easy to apply and work with. (I did make one boo boo on my index finger as you can see below, but that was my error and I couldn’t be bothered to replace!)


This picture was taken 4 days after I originally applied them with a top coat of Sally Hansen Double Duty top coat. They are without a doubt the best polish strips I have used (so far) and I am very impressed with their lasting power! I can see me ordering more of these! Does anyone know if they are available in the UK?

I also picked up a couple of boxes of these leopard print polish strips from Forever 21, so I will post these up when I’ve tried them out!


I am also waiting for my delivery from the Models Own sale (one of my polishes was out of stock so it delayed my delivery) I have ordered a few coloured crackle polishes which I’m really excited about and some shades I’ve been eyeing up for a while. Haul post when they arrive Smile



  1. wow, you know, i have seen this same design in the drugstore on multiple occasions and i wasn't sure how flattering it would be. i think i'm going to take advantage of the BOGO sale that is going on now! thanks for the swatch!!

  2. I wasn't sure at first but really wanted to give them a go and I'm so glad I did! Would definitely recommend this design, look forward to reading your thoughts on them :)


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