Saturday, 3 September 2011

Elegant Touch–Nail Polish Strips

I saw these on offer in my local Savers store so thought I would give them a go! These were only £2.99 for 3 applications so were really good value. I found these much harder to work with than the Nailease ones I posted about last month and they didn’t seem to go on as easily. I had quite a few bumps and creases which I found hard to straighten out. I ended up peeling them off after a few hours so I couldn’t tell you how well they lasted but they did peel off very easily!
I will be giving them another go to see if it was just an application error on my part so will let you know if I have better luck next time!
They also had them in silver so I may give these ones a go. What’s your opinion on metallic nails!?

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