Thursday, 7 July 2011

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I have been on a bit of a hiatus lately, due to a few reasons but now I am back and ready to blog!
We’ll start with my latest discovery: Nail polish stickers. I was never really interested in these until I saw the awesome designs that Nailease offer. I was suckered in a thought I’d give the Black & White Polka Dot stickers a go.

I cleaned and buffed my nails as directed and got going. They don’t lie when they call them easy to apply! Although I found my right hand a bit tricky to do (being right handed) I was very impressed with the end result.

Although I LOVED the overall look of these, I was a little disappointed about the amount of time before they started to chip. I had to take them off after 2 days as a few nails were starting to peel. As they are £5.99 per pack (of 20 strips) Inailease-bwspots1 would expect it to last at least 5 days as stated on the pack.I didn’t use a top coat as I wasn’t sure how the polish strips would react but maybe I would do this next time. I think in future I will use these on just one or two nails with a bright colour polish on the other nails as this would look pretty funky!

Saying this I am dying to get my hands on two of their new designs: snake print and floral. Apparently they will be available soon!

Also, one other thing is that I found them quite difficult to get off, they were very tough and sticky underneath.

Have you tried these? Let me know what you thought and which designs you chose! (And let me know there is still somebody out there somewhere reading my blog!)

Speak soon!


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