Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Bargain polishes!

So I managed to get to a Superdrug store to look at their new ‘bargain’ range MUA, which I have spoken about in previous blog entries. I brought 4 polishes which appealed to me the most, at £1 each it was tempting to buy them all but I want to give them a trial first!

Anyway the colours I chose are thoughtfully named (L-R)
Shade 14, Shade 4, Shade 5 and Shade 13!

Or: red with a smidge of gold, coral, light teal and emerald green as I’d describe them. I will swatch these when I get a chance and am looking forward to how they turn out.

I have a little more love to give to Models Own – Emerald City, I REALLY didn’t want to take it off and it stayed on so well but it had to be done!

Have any other UK beauty/nail bloggers tried out MUA yet? Let me know what you thought…



  1. I've bought some for swaps but not actually tried them myself yet. At £1 a pop I really have no excuse though!

  2. Yeah that's why I wanted to give them a go, you have to really don't you! Let me know what you think!


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