Thursday, 6 May 2010

Pure – Grape Wine

I’ve never used this brand before, so thought I’d give them a go as I really liked this deep subtle purple shade.

It went on quite well, if not a little too thick but it was very easy to cover brush strokes and only needed one coat really but I went over most of them again with a second coat. This picture was taken last night when I did them, I put a flower nail art sticker on Pure_GrapeWine3 my index finger and a little dragonfly on my little finger… 





It looks more red in that picture than it really is, so I took Pure_GrapeWine2another one in daylight which gives a better idea of the colour. It is such a lovely deep purple colour that pops in the sunlight. It almost looks brown in the shade but it’s still a pretty brown!

I will be looking out for some more PURE polishes as I was quite impressed with this one and I will let you know how it wears.




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