Saturday, 1 May 2010

Emerald City

Hats off to Models Own again!

I decided not to use another colour underneath Emerald City as I just wanted to see how it would turn out, after the first coat I thought it wasn’t going to work but I kept going and after 3-4 coats I really started to love it. It has been years since I have worn a glitter polish and I so have the glitter bug now…I want a red one and a pink one and a blue one now!

Emerald City is definitely a polish I will be wearing again and I will be trying it over another colour polish to see how it turns out.

modelsown_emeraldcity3I had real trouble trying to get a decent picture of the colour of this polish, it comes out very teal-y in photos, whereas it is actually more green. I played around in Photoshop and (ignoring how green my hand looks) this modelsown_emeraldcity2is a better colour match for the polish. It hasn’t come out great but it really is such a pretty colour.

In conclusion, thumbs up for Emerald City!

Oh and it turns out MUA is only stocked it selected Superdrug stores, and my local store is not one of them! So I am taking a trip to the nearest one later on today, so I will let you all know how I get on and post some haul pics!



  1. I have this, it's so fun! I prefer to wear a green creme underneath so I don't have too much removal hell after 4 coats of glitter.

  2. Thanks Laura, it is DEFINITELY one of my new favourites, it's so pretty!

    Hi Rebecca - thanks for the tip I will try that next time it is a bit of a nightmare to remove!



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