Friday, 5 November 2010

MUA Swatches

I thought I’d do some swatches of the Superdrug £1 MUA range polishes that I have purchased.
Shade 1 – Navy glitter
With flash:
MUA_shade1-1Without Flash:MUA_shade1-2This is actually quite a pretty polish, it definitely needs two coats as it looks a pretty gross colour after the first coat! This reminds me of Christmas and is a perfect colour for Winter. The specks of glitter are quite hard to make out when not under light, so it looks more like the picture without flash in real life.
Shade 3 – Dusty Fuchsia
With Flash:
Without Flash:
I LOVE this colour! It is a very inoffensive and wearable shade of pink and I don’t have another polish like this. This was two coats but looking at the pictures I think it could have done with three.
Shade 4 – Coral
With Flash:
Without Flash:
I actually bought this polish a while back and wore it a lot over summer. It is a really pretty coral colour and I do love a good coral polish! I have a few in my collection but this is definitely one of my favourites as it is a perfect mix of orange and pink. This polish had the best consistency of the three I swatched and I used two coats.
These polishes don’t last that long without chipping but for £1 per polish, you can’t really go wrong. Slap on a top coat and you’ll get a few days wear out of them so go for it!

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