Monday, 30 January 2012

Miss Minty

This NOTD originally was going to be something completely different, but I ran out of time (and patience) when doing it and as I was heading out I had to settle for something a little more simple! However I do plan on re-trying my original idea so will keep you posted on that.

miss-minty-dots I created this look with two coats of GOSH Miss Minty 597 and then drew some dots on with OPI Barefoot in Barcelona and another dot on top of that with Natural Collection White. Then finished off with a top coat.

Simple but still quite effective…and more fun than plain miss-minty-dots2one colour nails, right?! I know…more dots! I don’t think this will last long as I’ve got plenty more things I want to try out!

I’ve been watching quite a few YouTube videos lately showing how to do marble effect nails and really want to give it a go. Have you ever tried it? Let me know if you have any tips or pics!



  1. I love the dots! I love the marbling effect too but I've never tried it, it looks really messy!

  2. It is very messy but I love the effect....although have not quite perfected it myself yet!!


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