Monday, 23 January 2012

Scotch Tape Mani

I’ve recently come across the concept of using Scotch tapes in manicures (am I ridiculously behind with the times?) and wasn’t sure if I’d like it…I’ve tried using manicure guides before and just end up getting annoyed when you get residue or it peels off your base polish. However, I decided to give it a go and found this video with cute design which I based my mani on.

First of all I used a Rimmel base coat and when this was dry I put a strip of Scotch tape across each of my nails and painted the top half with 2 coats of Models Own Turkish Delight. I waited a few minutes before peeling off the tape and was pleasantly surprised to find no residue or peeling! I let this dry and then painted on the white dots using a Natural Collection white polish (with the end of a hair grip as the dotting tool). Then I used Barry M 47 Black to draw a black line.



I’ve never actually done a mani leaving some of my un-painted nail showing but I kinda like it! I’ve had a lot of comments already and am excited to try different versions of this look. And yes…I am still obsessed with dots on my nails it seems!

Have you ever tried a Scotch tape mani? Would love to hear any other ideas – I’ve seen some checkerboard designs which look really cute too!



  1. I found this idea on Pinterest but was having a terrible time getting a clean cut on the tape, even with brand new scissors. Then I thought to put two strips together for double thickness, much better results! I'm using craft scissors with different patterned blades.

  2. Oooh that's an awesome idea, thanks for the tip! I have some craft scissors with patterned blades so I'll give this a go :)


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