Friday, 16 April 2010

False Toenails

I never thought I'd say this but today I brought some false toenails! I've always found them quite creepy, but I was browsing in town on my lunch break at work today and I just had the urge to buy some. So I brought these French Manicure toenails by Elegant Touch.

I put them on when I got home from work and at first they felt quite weird but I am slowly getting used to them. On the box it says 'lasting results for up to 10 days' but somehow I can't see them staying on that long as I've already had to re-glue two of them back on! Then again, I haven't used any kind of false nails since I was about 10 or 11, so maybe it was me not being generous enough with the glue.

They also came with little applicator tabs on the top of each nail (you can sort of see them in the picture on the box) which was really helpful and definitely made it less fiddly when applying them.

Overall, I do quite like the look and I think it looks really pretty, especially for in the Summer when you'll be wearing flip flops and sandals all the time. I'm pretty sure I would buy some more, they did have some other types with designs I'd quite like to give them a try too. I would definitely buy some for going on holiday but I will see how long these one stay on for and how sturdy they are, it wouldn't be very glamorous walking around the pool and one of them popping off...whoopsie!

Has anyone else used false toenails before, how did you get on with them? Comment and let me know!


  1. hey emily.. i just started following you. nope, i have not used false toenails. does it feel weird? i don't think that it'll last for even an hour on me lol..

  2. It did feel really weird and to be honest they lasted a whole 4 hours before I had to take them off!

    Thanks for the follow, I love your blog :)


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