Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Leopard Nails...not Cheetah!

Ok so in my last post I mentioned that I was going to give Cheetah spots a try...now obviously I meant Leopard spots and said post has now been edited! Anyway, I spent somewhere near two hours creating this look and it's been a long time since I attempted any sort of nail art so I was a bit rusty. Anyway, here's how they turned out...

I think they looked better from a distance than close up (maybe that's just me being a perfectionist and noticing every little mistake, though). This picture is of my right hand, which I did first so by the time I got to the left hand I was getting the hang of it and created better 'spots' more like the little finger nail in this pic.

If anyone is interested, this is how I created this look...

1. Applied Sally Hansen Hard as Nails as base coat
2. Applied Two coats of Sally Hansen Clearly Buff Naturel Beige (which I got as part of a french manicure set)
3. Did the Leopard spots with GOSH Gold 554
4. Went around the gold spots with a black polish I got in a set which has a long, thin nail art brush, the make is 'Special FX'
5. Applied OPI Drip Dry drops and waited...
6. Applied top coat

I got a lot of comments about them and loads of people were surprised I did them myself and thought I had been somewhere to get them done, which was flattering. I will definitely try this look again, this was a bit of an experiment so I would like to give it a go with some different polishes, maybe trying a silver one next time (Snow Leopard, anyone!)


  1. I haven't done leopard yet. Just tiger. Yours looks good. I would like to see it with other colours. Could you also do a warmer-toned version?

  2. I definitely want to try it with different colours so I will give it a go with some warmer tones.

    I haven't tried a tiger print in years...I will have to give it a go now!


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