Wednesday, 14 April 2010


First of all, here is the NOTD I've been meaning to post. It's a Rimmel 60 Seconds Polish number 530 - Stardust. It's a bronzy, metallic-y colour with slight shimmer/glitter in it. The glitter shows more in the bottle than it does when it's on the nails which I was quite disappointed about, but I might try compensating for this and using my own glitter in future. I also put a few little stickers on my thumb and little finger nails which had a bit of a glitter in them as they felt a bit plain.
This was with two coats but when I was adding a top coat I started to notice some dreaded air bubbles, grrr! Anyway I took this off after a few days because of the bubbles and also because my new polishes came, woohoo! When it came to taking it off, this polish did really not want to leave my nails and was a bit of a mission to remove.

So below is the line up of my most recent polish haul (L-R: PURE Persian Red, Models Own Red 'n' Black, Models Own Emerald City, Models Own Slate Green & Bourjois Black Green.)

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