Sunday, 10 October 2010


h&m_missstoneheart3Hey everyone, I am back! I had to have a break from this blog due to a few reasons one of them being that my camera broke so I was unable to post any pics. Anyway I have a new camera now and ready to share more polish love with you all!
I am so excited about this NOTD look, I recently purchased the Rimmel PRO Matte Finish Mattifying topcoat with my trusty Boots points and have been dying to try it out! I decided to partner this with a polish which has been occupying space in my drawer for a while now but I have never gotten around to actually wearing it. (I’ve a feeling this will change after today!)
I have always loved Grey polish on other people, so when I saw this beauty in H&M for £2.99 (I think!) I had to snap it up. Enter ‘Miss Stone Heart’. This went on really nicely and was wearable after just one coat. It also dried surprisingly h&m_missstoneheart1quickly. Here is a shot of the polish pre-matte topcoat…
I do have one other H&M polish, but I am not too keen on the colour but this has really encouraged me to try a few more shades! Anyway, now for the moment of truth…I applied a generous amount of the matte top coat on and voila!

I think this is my new favourite!! Looking forward to trying some other polishes with the matte top coat as I am really impressed with it so far.
How is everyone anyway? Have you tried any matte polishes or top coats before? Let me know what you think!
Speak soon

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