Sunday, 24 October 2010

Non Nail News

While I sit here deciding whether to apply Pink Fizz or Blue My Mind, I wanted to introduce a new idea I’ve been thinking about called ‘Non Nail News’. Basically every now and then I will blog about a random topic/product/tv show that I am loving. Don’t worry, the majority of my posts will still be nail related but I just thought this would be fun so you guys can get to know me and I get to know you!

So this week I am LOVING…


I have just finished Season 2 and am totally hooked! After a slow start for the first few episodes, it all went crazy and I was gripped. I think Stephen Moyer is great so I love Bill but I am still not sure about Eric…If you have never seen this show then I urge you to give it a go, I think Season 2 is currently airing on Channel 4 in the UK. I’ve heard Season 3 is even better…I think I might explode!

"Don't say UH-OH! Vampires do NOT say UH-OH!"


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