Friday, 2 March 2012

108…and counting

I had a “clear out” and tidy up of my nail polish drawer the other day. I decided to have a count up after getting rid of a few unwanted/old polishes and I’m up to 108. I’ve also just placed an order for 3 of the Capitol Colors collection and a NuBar polka dot polish I fell in love with…oopsie!

I try to keep my polishes upright the drawer I use is not deep enough for China Glaze/OPI/other tall polishes to stand up right in. And it’s getting pretty full. Does anyone have any storage tips to share?


Sigh, how I wish all companies would put the polish name on the top of the polish!








I’ve been unwell the past few days…which has given me lots of time sitting around on the sofa to do my nails! So lots of pics to come over the next week :)


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